Wednesday, May 26, 2004

TELEKOM caused of Old Klang Road Project Delay

Jalan Kelang Lama Project Delayed Posted by Hello

26th. May 2004, The Star report

The roadwork project in Jalan Kelang Lama was reported to be delayed and the delay reason was attributed to the relocation of existing telecommunication services owned by Telekom Malaysia.

Lately, we have heard and read much about the restructuring of the Government Link Companies (GLCs, and the much talk about introduction of performance measurement tools such as KPI, Balance Scorecard, Six Sigma, etc to enhance efficiency and productivity; and it is well-known fact that Telekom Malaysia had over the years, been applying these "effective tools", (especially KPI) to measure their performance. Yet we wonder how effective the tools are, and how did the management measures performance while we often hear of construction project being delayed primarily due to the relocation of existing services and the culprits are Telekom, TNB, Waterworks Department (JBA), DBKL (for KL projects).

On an unrelated issue, I had a problem with my streamyx (not able to access the service, maybe due to my ADSL modem which is under warranty) and I made a report as usual. I was told by their service department that they will need at least one week to sent a technician to resolve my problem (reason is they are too many such problems to attend and limited resources). I begged for help saying that I'm a researcher and will have problem with my day-to-day activities without the service. Fortunately, the technician came the next day and my problem was resolved (Thanks to the good samaritan). Is it common for telekom to take one week to solve problem like this? Is this efficiency and customer service, customer-oriented, customer satisfaction?

The report today (roadworks delay) is not the only one we have heard all these years. If you have been involved with construction projects and JKR road projects, you will understand that these sort of problems have been plaguing the industry players for umpteen years and no improvement had been made so far (Talk to JKR Project Managers and they will verify this). Yet these GLCs still say they had an effective performance measurement system to monitor efficiency, effectiveness and productivity; and they can & want to be world class. I have been involved in construction projects for the last 20 odd years, and I testify to this inefficiencies by the GLCs.

What is efficiency and effectiveness? What is Performance Measurement?; what is Key Performance Index?; What is Balance Scorecard and Six Sigma? Top Management in GLCS talk a lot about it (often made public statement about it - read the News), but do they understand it and do they have a strategic plan to achieve it? CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN! For many Malaysian Contractors, they have learn to live with such inefficiencies and have adapted to the system of incompetence and it has become part and parcel of their construction life.

Some contractors who have political linkage, use their political connection to influence action.Some other contractors who are not so fortunate to rub shoulders with politician (because it is very expensive to rub them; its the truth) uses more innovative actions to solve this problem by "Paying to get Efficient Services" to ensure affirmative action.

Is all this UNKNOWN, UNCOMMON, UNHEARD TO OUR MINISTERS & THE CEOs OF GLCs? (Some of the CEOs of GLCs were with other organization before joining GLCs - they should understand)