Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who's Who in Maya Maju

Ahirudin Attan of Rocky'Bru's blogged: Not Khairy's Maya?

Thanks to Rocky, he mentioned CTSB in his article and that sends hundreds of his fans visiting CTSB.

Rocky posed some questions pertaining to the New Istana Negara Project as announced by Datuk Seri Samy Vellu. In The Star reported on 14th November, the headline says:
New, bigger Istana Negara

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said work on the new Istana Negara, to be built on a 96.52ha site atop a hill, will start next June and was slated for completion in 2009 which would cost the government RM400mil. However, no one heard of any tender being published and it had to be presumed that it was a negotiated turnkey-design-and-built project.

Kumpulan Seni Reka Sdn Bhd has was mentioned as the appointed project architect and Maya Maju Sdn Bhd was named as the building contractor.

Many people, including Rocky wanted to know who the hell is Maya Maju Sdn Bhd. Names like Syed Mokhtar's MMC & IJM, UEM, Peremba, Tan Sri Talha's and Lin Yung Lin's Gamuda, Roadbuilders (now SM's IJM owned), Ahmad Zaki's AZRB, Tan Sri Abu Sahid's Maju Holding Bhd, Salleh Sulong's DRB (now belongs to SM), Ranhill's Hamdan, YTL, Pak Adib's Arena Engineering, Tan Sri's SNA, and so on, they are familiar to most of us - they are the King-pin of the Malaysian construction industry. But Maya Maju? Who's that? Who owns it and what's it's track record?

Some time ago, we heard of Bank Negara awarding a RM320 million contract to buid a resource centre to a little known privately-held company, H & I Niaga Sdn Bhd. The award surprised major construction companies which had been bidding for the large project, like Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd, PECD Bhd, Ranhill Bhd and UEM Builders Bhd.

H & I Niaga was involved in the problematic project involving the construction of the Royal Malaysian Navy Recruit Training Centre in Kota Tinggi Johor. They are also the contractor for Cheras Velodrome Project and some projects awarded by UiTM. NST BizTimes reported that the company had failed to pay levy owed to CIDB. The company had also failed to submit its profit and loss accounts for the past 3 years to Companies Commission Malaysia and had failed to file its accounts for the financial years ending December 31, 2002 to 2004.

H & I Niaga later issued a two-page statement to answer point-by-point all the issues raised by the Press and the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations. The company said while it was involved in building the Royal Malaysian Navy Recruit Training Centre in Johor, it was not involved in the construction of the defective roof structure of the hall complex.

H & I Niaga went on to say reports of it being reprimanded by government ministers over the Cheras Velodrome project were also untrue as it had completed its job to upgrade and renovate the facility within the stipulated time and had even been given letters of appreciation for the job. The company also answered Fomca’s query on its failure to file its accounts for the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM).

H & I Niaga said it had run into technical difficulties in 2003 causing a two-year delay in the of filing its profit and loss accounts. H & I Niaga clarified that they had since resolved the problem and has submitted the company’s audited accounts for the years 2002 and 2003 to CCM, while the final accounts for the financial year ended December 31 2004 have been audited and are pending submission. With regard to the payment of levy to the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), H & I Niaga said they will resolve the issue before October 25 as allowed for by CIDB.

Coming back to Maya Maju, the market had been abuzz with talk that Maya Karin, the pontianak actress who was recently rumoured to be romantically linked to Khairy Jamaluddin, the PM's son-in-law, and also rumoured to be using Hishamuddin's supplementary platinum card (this is another rumours). It was insinuated that Maya was behind the project to build a new national palace (some kind of payment in kind for service rendered). Some said that a top official from Khazanah Nasional, the government's investment arm, is advising this little-known company. I repeat: this is pure rumours and don't believed it.


Checks with the ROC revealed that Maya Maju Sdn Bhd registered shareholders are Mr Ko Chin Teck (RM15,000 shares), Mr Lo Sin Li (RM85,000 shares). The directors are Ko and En Mohamad Muslim Hamzah (Mohamad Muslim do not owned any shares). Maya Maju Sdn Bhd Company No: 252091-T. The financial statement as at 31st Dec 1993 (as shown in RoC records) indicates Fixed Assets valued at RM82,655.00 and Current Assets at RM415,169.00 and Current Liabilities at RM456,501.00.

I believed that the company may have changed it's name to Maya Maju (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as the published accounts at RoC is recorded up to 1993 (I can be wrong).

There is another company, Maya Maju (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, registered with the RoC (Co Reg No: 254750-T). Here, there are 2 shareholders and 5 directors. The 5 Director are: Datuk Haji Man Bin Mat (rings your ear?), Md Nizam B. Md Sharif (rings your ear?), Rasidah Bt. Salleh, Lim Hooi Mooi (secretary), and Tan Enk Purn (secretary). The shareholders are: Maryna Keh Abdullah @ Miss Keh Kim Lan (RM1,450,000 shares) and Man B. Mat (RM3,550,000 shares).

Did it sounds interesting to you? Analyze the Shareholders, the Directors and secretaries???

So, Maya isn't Maya Karin; it's Maryna, the wife of ...

The company financial statement as at 31st Dec 2005: Current Asset RM4,899,225 (must be made up of the paid up capital injection) and Current Liabilities is RM48,794.00 (operating liability). Operating Revenue is RM0.00, profit before taxation is -$2,154.00 (negative) and losses is RM60,686.00. It is observed that the business is dormant or non-operational up till Dec 2005.

But why have 5 Directors, two Chinese company secretary, when the shareholders are 100% Bumis? Don't guess! It's against UMNO Malay Agenda. However, without the king-paymasters behind, the Bumis can get the project but can't pay and financed the implementation of the project; even the performance bond of 5% contract sum would amount to RM20 million. The rule of the thumb is that contractors will need at least 20% working capital and at least another 30% cash flow as this is a design-and-built project (that is approx RM100 mil). I was even told that the proposed project was a some kind of payment-in-kind, that is, contractor to built the Istana and in return will not receive money but a substantial piece of prime land worth a lot. I can't confirm it.

But the directors' names rings your ear and you can continue from here to do the research.

No insinuation please, and it could be seditious. Read what the DPM said today:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maya wins New Istana Negara Project

The Star had decided that Dr Amer Hamzah Mohd Yunus is now the New Director-General of Public Works Department (JKR).

In today's new, The Star wrote:

[Quote] Public Works Department director-general Dr Amer Hamzah Mohd Yunus said only 28ha would be developed into the new Istana Negara complex while the rest would be a garden area. [Unquote]

But the current D-G of JKR is Datuk Seri Professor Dr Wahid Omar!

Is it a mistake or was it intentional?

Prof Dr Wahid Omar is overseas. Dr Amer can only be an Acting D-G unless Samy Vellu had unilaterally decided to appoint a new D-G without the need to follow the General Orders and procedures and directed The Star to make the announcement.

Coming back to the news, the new, bigger Istana Negara will cost RM400mil and will replace the current Istana which was built in 1928.

The new Istana Negara to be built on a 96.52ha site atop a hill is expected to start work in June 2007 and slated for completion in 2009.

Upon completion of the new Istana, the present building may become a royal museum.

Kumpulan Seni Reka Sdn Bhd has been appointed the architect for the new palace and Maya Maju Sdn Bhd as the building contractor.

Maya Maju? Who's Maya Maju?

Maya? Sounds familiar?

Wait for further information. Doing research now.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Johor Sultan backs Mahathir's Cynic Bridge Project

What? What did he say?

Tear down Causeway!!!

To the shock of the 2,000 people present and hundreds of thousands of viewers at home of the live telecast over RTM 1 and TV3, the Ruler said it was built by colonialists who had used dirty tactics to deceive his ancestors.

He said the building of the Causeway was to deliberately prevent ships from passing local waters, resulting in the development of Keppel Port in Singapore instead.

“The Causeway has to be removed to allow ships to pass,” the Sultan said before launching the multi-billion SJER.

"Causeway tu, bukakan...baru negeri Johor ni maju (the causeway has to be demolished, only then Johor will develop," the Sultan said before launching the project which was televised live.

At this juncture, the audience broke into laughter and applauded.

The Sultan said he would not “give face” (bagi muka) to the foreigners (Mat Sallehs) and urged the people not to hold them in high regard.

He also reminded locals and their children to be wary of them as they were “vultures”.


Whose face is most hurt?

Didn't they said the Sultan Johor ask Mahathir to stop maing noise?

It doesn't looks like it. It is obvious from the latest evidence that the Sultan was upset over the scrapping of the crooked bridge.

I believe the Sultan used this occasion, an occasion that is to parade the Federal govt's effort in supporting Johor's development.

Since the State and Federal govt is planning RM382 billion worth of projects, wouldn't it had delighted the Sultan? Instead, the Sultan wanted the causeway to be demolished. It's like saying: "I don't care the RM382 billion shit; get the causeway out of my way, and I'll be happy."

Is it a slap in the face for Ghani and Pak Lah? They were there to hear him out, face to face.

The Singapore Foreign Ministry described the Sultan's remark as "curious".

A ministry spokesman said in a Channel NewsAsia (CNA) report that Singapore did not believe the call represented the Malaysian government's position.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said:

"I think the most important thing is for us to put the speech and comment in its proper context. I think what is most important is that we must always learn from the lessons of the past and make sure whatever development we are going to undertake will bring benefit to our well-being, for the good of our people."

What is Hamid Albar saying? Don't bother about the remarks? But the remarks is made is such a big occasion; it was intentional!