Monday, August 15, 2005

Samy Toll: Pre-emptive Strikes

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Samy: Be prepared for rise in toll charges

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the Government had to stop the payout as it could no longer burden itself with increasing costs. “After taking many things into consideration, the Government wants to put a stop to this practice,” he said. As such, he said, the people should be prepared for an increase in toll charges.

Samy Vellu said the Government had to pay out hundreds of millions of ringgit in compensation to the concessionaires when they asked for an increase in toll charges, as provided for in their agreements. “Based on the concessionaire agreements, a toll increase cannot be avoided when the time comes,” he added.

FIRST, he agreed to terms that was North-bound; such one-sided lucrative contracts that would create instant billionaires of which investment bankers would be willing to be bed-partners to fund these projects.

NOW, we are suffocated by the toll-haze; and the directorate is coquetting empathy.

This is the best Ventriloquism you can ever watch!!!! Let dance to the tune .....

Friday, August 5, 2005

JKR has a New DG

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SILENT; Unassuming & Where are all the journalist? All are hibernating, or pretend don't know?

GOOOOOOOd New! JKR has a new Director-General!!!

He is none other than the inspirational leader, Dato' Prof Ir. Dr. Wahid Bin Omar, the former deputy D-G. He was promoted, but there's no official public announcement! I happen to visit the website of JKR and to my awe, I saw a new picture as above.

We have waited for so looooong! Now it has happen! The government has finally brought in a humble, unpretentious but a visionary leader to shakeup the system - the system that manages our roads, public assets, and government development projects. This man will bring in a new era, an era of radical change for the better; a change badly needed - the change that should wake up the sleeping gaint of construction industry and cause the industry to tremble. Many will celebrate, but some may despair, for this man will not accept mediocrity and officers with desultory character. Those flippant and insouciant, and those with purile mindset, they will have a wake-up call - this man will trumatise you!!!!

The system needs a radical change and only a visionary leader can lead this change. Over the decades, we have too much political patronages and those ex-generals had a hard time making the necessary change - it's not that in the past we have weak leaders, but we have "Hand of god" at the legislative apex and middle-heaven, making directives and dictating policies and actions and these leaders seemed obedient. There was one DG who was brave but they quickly retire him the moment he touch 55.

Today, some of the higher hands had vanished while there may still be some around, but this new man is a straight and resolute person. He feared God and he will not budge for he has no fear of men. He knows his job and his competency in project management is second to none. He is a dedicated and devoted muslim - a muslim who lead by example. He is humble and he is brunt; he is often nice but he wield swords when necessary.

I can only pray to God that this new DG be blessed with longlife to serve the nation and the rakyat. I do pray that he will have sufficient time in this position to make the changes, effectively implemented, before they take him away due to compulsory retirement.

May the hands of Allah and His blessings be showered on our new leader of change