Monday, April 30, 2007

Putrajaya & Maintenance Management

Entrepreneurial Development and Cooperative Minister Mohd Khaled Nordin said: "The standard of maintenance of Putrajaya buildings may have to be further enhanced.

According to Khaled Nordin government buildings in Putrajaya should be more sophisticated than elsewhere in the country and it is reasonable for JKR to re-look into the maintenance contract to see if all steps are taken to detect any defects or wear and tear in the building.

Does the government understand what is maintenance and what is maintenance management?

Maintenance of public buildings would have to deal with preservation and restoration of the facilities and infrastructures.

Maintenance management is basically concerned with the establishment of a framework for the maintenance of facilities, and it’s role is to set a standard of best practices on the management of building facilities, utilities and the upkeep of the building conditions.

It is a principle of conservation that work on a significant building should be based on a proper understanding of the building & its problems.

JKR and those responsible for maintenance management must have a Maintenance Management Framework (MMF) which consist of processes that assists them in establishing a framework for the maintenance of buildings. The primary objective of MMF is to achieve consistency in the planning, implementation & reporting of building maintenance and upkeep.

The establishment of condition standards for building is fundamental to the maintenance management process. It provides a statement of the desired condition to which assets should be maintained to enable a department’s service delivery requirements to be achieved effectively. The standards must be adequate to reflect the asset performance required to meet service delivery demand.

The application of condition standards to building involves a systematic process of reviewing all assets & nominating condition ratings that can be related to each element of each asset within the department’s asset portfolio.

Building condition standards must be articulated to the maintenance service provider & documented in procurement arrangements such as a SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA). Top level management must endorsed it. The standards will be used as referenced by the service provider within the day-to-day maintenance delivery process.

Dear Khaled and Samy Vellu, do you think JKR and Putrajaya maintenance department understand all this? Did they have the knowledge of maintenance management or are they supervisors of defects, ie wait till those plants, equipments and fittings fails or fails to work and then get the workers to repair them? This is repair management and it is damage control system, not maintenance management fundamentals.

Apart from this, do you all know how the government outsource their maintenance management and what was the criteria in the selection of contractors processes?

I once talk to a contractor who was awarded a contract for maintenance and he told me that he had sub-contracted it to another with a "nett" profit of 30%.

Dear Khaled and Samy, please go and check all your contractors and you will know almost all of them are "Ali-Babas" with 30% mark-up in their contract sum.

Paying a heavy price for lack of maintenance or the lack of a competent maintenance contractor?

The cost of maintaining Ijok is nothing!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gerbang Perdana smiles to the Bank with $257mil

RM257mil compensation and claim from Gerbang Perdana for the wrongful termination of the Crooked Bridge project.

Works Minister Samy Vellu officially announced that the government has compensated Gerbang Perdana a sum of RM257.4million.

You believe it? Did I hear wrongly?

Many months ago when JKR contract department were assessing the claims, they boasted to me that the claim will not exceed RM10mil. I told them no way as they will be pressured by their political masters to give a golden "alimony".

Can any JKR auditors and assessors come forward to explain why their conviction and belief in their truthful assessment had gone so damn wrong, that the RM10mil is now RM257mil?

If you are good engineers and God-fearing, why did you fear the political master? Datuk Seri Wahid and Tan Sri Omar were never afraid to speak the truth and to stand firm based on their principles. Both of them only feared God. Did the engineers now fear man more than Allah? Abdul Rahim has proven he didn't fear man; did you other engineers have now feared man over Allah?

There are many who loves to claim their love and devotion but ultimately the evidence runs on the contrary.

Samy gags JKR Rahim

Ministers are responsible and accountable for their ministries and should provide directions and decisions pertaining to the political decisions made by the cabinet.

Minister is not suppose to interfere with the technical and design aspects of the administration of the department which should be left to the experts, i.e. the civil servants who are skilled in their field of works.

But Samy asked the Director of JKR Putrajaya, Abdul Rahim Ahmad to shut up and not make any statements pertaining to the quality of materials and workmanship which was the cause of the defects and leakages to the Immigration office in Putrajaya.

Samy told Rahim to keep his mouth shut and do his work. But Rahim was just doing his work by telling the reason why and what was the cause of the defective works. Isn't Rahim doing his work? If it is, then why asked him to shut up? You fucking ministers should not interfere with the experts, and you should be the one to shut up. Just because the responsible civil servants tell the truth which probably would hurt the contractor, how is it that the minister was the one that was upset? Was it because the contractor was given the job/project through the personal help by the minister? No wonder all the good engineers had to rot away in silence and force to retire prematurely and some who had still good years to serve even at 56 were not given the opportunity to continue to serve the nation. However, we have those corrupt officers who gets extension of their services a few times. Tan Sri Omar did not get an extension to his service when he reached 55, Datuk Seri Wahid though reluctant, was not even recommended to get an extension. Both of them are former D-G of JKR. But Tan Sri Zaini got his service extended. Zulkipli had his service extended 3 times.

Do you believe this?

Samy said the pipe problem at Putrajaya Immigration office Putrajaya was due to the unsuitability of the pipe material used by the contractor and approved by Syabas.

The pipes were manufactured in America approved by the authority here.

According to Samy, cast iron pipe was specified and the contractor proposed the alternative pipe used.

What a nut...Cast Iron pipe is history and obsolete. Nobody used it now particularly for internal plumbing pipe system. It was supposed to be steel pipe or G.I. pipe. Cast iron pipes were used previously for sewerage downpipes, not water pipe because of the porosity.

Samy, if you don't know, please shut your mouth up and asked the JKR engineer to make the statement or explanation. You screw up everything and blame the civil servants for making truthful and correct statements when you had been making stupid statements without any technical basis.