Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gerbang Perdana smiles to the Bank with $257mil

RM257mil compensation and claim from Gerbang Perdana for the wrongful termination of the Crooked Bridge project.

Works Minister Samy Vellu officially announced that the government has compensated Gerbang Perdana a sum of RM257.4million.

You believe it? Did I hear wrongly?

Many months ago when JKR contract department were assessing the claims, they boasted to me that the claim will not exceed RM10mil. I told them no way as they will be pressured by their political masters to give a golden "alimony".

Can any JKR auditors and assessors come forward to explain why their conviction and belief in their truthful assessment had gone so damn wrong, that the RM10mil is now RM257mil?

If you are good engineers and God-fearing, why did you fear the political master? Datuk Seri Wahid and Tan Sri Omar were never afraid to speak the truth and to stand firm based on their principles. Both of them only feared God. Did the engineers now fear man more than Allah? Abdul Rahim has proven he didn't fear man; did you other engineers have now feared man over Allah?

There are many who loves to claim their love and devotion but ultimately the evidence runs on the contrary.

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yok hoong said...

mr samy

can you do me a small favour. give me a large contract and cancel it tomorrow and then pay me the compensation.
by the way, please also compensate me for the equipment that I have bought. please tell no one that the equipment has been in my books for many years and have been used for my earlier projects.
may god bless you mr samy; provided you do all of the above.
sey sey