Saturday, October 28, 2006

JKR Unable to carry out project?

Pak Lah said:

"We, in the Cabinet have decided that if JKR (Public Works Department) is unable to carry out a project, we will let other contractors help out. There are many other possible methods. Interested parties should submit their proposals. We will select the best in terms of quality and pricing."

JKR unable to carry out a project? OMG, JKR, how is it that such a big institution with thousands of engineers and hundreds of Pengarah, with 100 years of background experience, you are not capable or unable to carry out a project? I don't see the reason unless it's JANGAN KERJA RAJIN or JAGA KAKI ROMPAK!

JKR, and all the engineers, do you have other reasons?

Was it JKR's fault?

Was it JKR's fault too?

2 weeks have passed, yet many still waiting!!!!

Computer Lab fiasco & Matrade Building; Was it JKT's fault?

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