Thursday, November 11, 2004

PWD: "You can Manage MATRADE Project NOW"



On problems affecting the Malaysian External Trade and development Authority building in Jalan Duta, Samy Vellu said the contract was not awarded by the PWD. The contract had been given to Syarikat Perangsang International Sdn Bhd and it had been refusing to allow PWD officials into the project since the first day.

Now, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has directed PWD to complete and handover the building within 21 months from the date of receiving the funds from the Government. Why? It took 10 years for the Ministry of Finance to get the project to its current state of affairs and PWD is only given 21 months to finished up the mess? I believe, it must had been a promised made by the Director-General of PWD Tan Sri Zaini who had requested RM32 million from the Treasury for PWD to complete the project. Is 21 months & RM32 million sufficient to get the project completed? I hope it does; if not, Zaini will have to burn his ass to answer for it.

During the meeting attended by PAC, the Board of Architects and the PWD represented by Tan Sri Zaini, PWD promised to take legal action against the errant contractor and recover some of the losses. What???? PWD to take legal action? Samy Vellu said the contract is not awarded by PWD; how then can they take legal action against the errant contractor? Is Samy Vellu and Zaini talking about the same subject and same contract? According to Samy, Matrade was not awarded by PWD; then how can PWD take legal contractual action? Are our Ministers and D-G going NUTs? or, are they misleading us??? Please clarify!!!!!! My God, Please sent Tan Sri Zaini back to law school!!!!!

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