Tuesday, February 20, 2007

NWSC Chairman: Zaini? Why not Omar?

Shocking News!

The government decided to appoint Tan Sri Zaini Omar to be the first chairman of the new National Water Service Commission (SPAN) from March 1, 2007.

Zaini had just retired as the Director-general of JKR.

But Zaini is a electrical engineer with a law degree. How much does he knows about water management? This poser isn't intended to be contemptuous to a former leader.

Tan Sri Omar, also a retired PWD Director-general and who was the former boss to Tan Sri Zaini is the former Water Board Chairman and a civil engineering specialist, specialising infrastructure and hydraulic engineering management. Tan Sri Omar had personally been involved in designing many water & hydrology projects and the most recent is the STORM drainage tunnel in KL, of which the engineering consultant is SMHB (former Binnie & Partners). Tan Sri Omar is the executive director of SMHB (Syed Mohamad, Hui & Binnie).

Without disrespect to Zaini, Tan Sri Omar should be far more appropriate person to manage the water commission based on his competency and expertise in water management. Omar has design capabilities and his civil engineering design knowledge is appropriate to set the system management of NWSC. This is not a commercial entity nor a legal soliciting institution. Electrical engineering and law has little to do with water engineering and project management.

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