Sunday, February 11, 2007

Samy Vellu Shocking Revelation

Samy Vellu revealed that the government will need the consent from the toll-road concessionaires before the agreement can be made public.

It's the greatest shock anyone can apprehend.

I thought the parliament is the highest authority in any country and that parliament is always supreme and no one can, not even the past legislators can bind the future legislators, that is to say, no law can bind the parliament - Parliament can make any law or change any law as they so wished. That's the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy.

What Samy is saying is that, a term in the contract betwen the parties to an agreement, governed by the Act of Parliament, ie Contracts Act 1950, can be binding absolutely, could even bind the parliament, ie the legislations. Parliament have the power even to change the constitution, what more a term in a contract between a private entity and the ministry of work.

If we Malaysians are asked to accept this statement, then we are either so stupid or incapable to understand the rule or law, or that the country is now ruled under a new set of laws reflecting the feudal system or tartan system.

Dear Samy, no one and no law can bind the parliament. So long as the parliament decides on what they wanted to make as law or to unmake a law, it can be done. Please don't treat us as oxymoron illiterate asses.

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