Monday, August 4, 2008

MRR2: 3rd repair job to start on 5th Aug 2008

Good News! MRR2 has been re-paired!

The concrete will not fall anymore and the road is safe for traffic.

See - the traffic is flowing down-under! It's safe!

We do not know how much it has cost the government this time for the re-pair undertaken. I hope it is not $70m again.

Anyway, the Crossbeam looks nice and environmental friendly.

Deputy Director-General of Public Works I Datuk Mohamad Husin said in a statement today that preliminary works are to begin tomorrow on the cracks which have appeared on Pier 28. The decision was reached at a meeting of Public Works Department (JKR) experts, representatives of the consultant and the contractor here today.

BTW, Datuk Mohamad Husin was the Ketua Pengarah Cawangan Jalan when the repair work was implemented, and he was the Superintendent Officer in-charge of the repair works carried out by Bridgex Sdn Bhd and supervised by German Leonhardt Andra & Partner, the expert structural repair consultant. He should have a better understanding of the current problem as well as the historical database of the repair and strengthening works done at that time. He is the best person to know why it is failing.

4 comments: said... :: BDS provides a professional service for repairs, strengthening and seismic retrofitting of RCC structures, using advanced materials and techniques.
The first step in the selection of the most effective concrete repair technique is diagnosing the cause of failure, and ensuring that the technique used makes the repaired area resistant to this original cause of failure. If this is not done, the repair will fail; it is also likely that the damage will be extended to the adjoining parts of the structure.

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