Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MRR2: Wrong Material used for repair

Halcrow senior consultant (bridge engineering) Roger Bucky said he had in 2005 advised PWD not to use carbon fibre straps because the plastic straps used to strengthen the pillars have limited ductility; but JKR proceeded with the use of the carbon fibre straps.

3 of the 18 carbon fibre straps on Pillar 18 had peeled off.

The primary cause of the peeling was due to delayed ettringite formation (DEF). DEF is believed to be a result of improper heat curing of the concrete to strengthen a structure.

Halcrow was engaged to conduct a study on cracks on MRR2 in 2004.

2 comments: said... :: BDS provides a professional service for repairs, strengthening and seismic retrofitting of RCC structures, using advanced materials and techniques.
The first step in the selection of the most effective concrete repair technique is diagnosing the cause of failure, and ensuring that the technique used makes the repaired area resistant to this original cause of failure. If this is not done, the repair will fail; it is also likely that the damage will be extended to the adjoining parts of the structure.

Anonymous said...

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