Wednesday, August 6, 2008

MRR2: Halcrow said the cracks was due to DEF

Halcrow's senior consultant (bridge engineering) Roger Buckby said the primary cause of the cracks was the delayed ettringite formation (DEF)

Collepardi said: in the absence of any of these elements (as shown in the diagram above), DEF-related deterioration cannot occur.

Below is the DEF crack pattern:

Below is the crack pattern on Pier 28:

How can this be due to DEF?

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The first step in the selection of the most effective concrete repair technique is diagnosing the cause of failure, and ensuring that the technique used makes the repaired area resistant to this original cause of failure. If this is not done, the repair will fail; it is also likely that the damage will be extended to the adjoining parts of the structure.

Shahiron Shahidan said...

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